What is Apple TV?

Apple TV is a device created by Apple Inc. that allows media playing on a television set. It is actually a digital media receiver and has been designed to allow content that can be found in a digital form on the internet to be downloaded and played on the TV. Apple TV works with the new generation IPTV, which stands for Internet Protocol Television.

The Apple TV device is capable of showing video files from the iTunes Store, YouTube, Netflix or Flickr on the enhanced televisions of today. It can also manage content from iTunes running on the Mac operating system, as well as Windows.

The first model of Apple TV was released in 2006 featuring a 40 GB hard disk, but the second generation receiver came in an improved version, size-wise and price-wise. The newer model can stream content from the internet or sources connected locally using AirPlay.

If this takes care of what is Apple TV, the following information will deal with features and benefits of the digital media receiver; and more information on what Apple TV does.

Say you have an HDTV and you love the huge screen and the crisp image. Apart from usual TV programs, you really wish that you could see yourself on that TV, and not only. And that’s where Apple TV comes in. With this device plugged-in people can view photos of anything they want, from the computer or online services like Flickr.

Its main feature is that it can access the iTunes Store from where one is able to download TV shows and movies, plus stream audio and video podcasts. The greatest feature is the option to rent movies instead of buying them, which many enjoy. Parental control settings can be made to the movies as well as any Apple TV content.

Access to Netflix, MobileMe and YouTube is also allowed. YouTube even has its own category among the 4 that the device has and videos can be viewed at any time. Rotten Tomatoes reviews and ratings are offered as options directly when renting. NBA TV and MLB.tv can be accessed in order to show scores and statistics.